JAMB Brochure for 2024 Latest and Original Version

JAMB Brochure
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The JAMB Brochure for 2024 provides essential details about various courses and institutions in Nigeria. It’s a reliable source of information for students who want to pursue higher education. This brochure covers a wide range of subjects, including courses offered, admission requirements, and available institutions.

Students can use the JAMB Brochure to make informed decisions about their educational paths. It includes details about universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and other tertiary institutions. Each institution’s profile includes the courses they offer, the admission criteria, and any specific requirements.

The JAMB Brochure is an indispensable tool for prospective students. It helps them understand the available options, making it easier to choose a course and institution that aligns with their interests and goals. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, the brochure simplifies the application process and reduces confusion for students and their parents.

How To Use The Official JAMB Brochure PDF Document

If you’re a student preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams, this resource will be invaluable in helping you plan your academic journey. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to access, understand, and make the most of the JAMB brochure PDF.

Step 1: Accessing the Official JAMB Brochure PDF: To begin, you need to access the official JAMB brochure PDF document. This document contains vital information about courses offered by different institutions, their requirements, and other relevant details. You can easily find the PDF on the official JAMB website.

Step 2: Navigating the Brochure: Once you’ve downloaded the brochure PDF, open it using a PDF reader. The brochure is typically organized by subject, faculty, and course of study. Use the table of contents to quickly jump to the section that interests you.

Step 3: Understanding the Course Information: Each course listed in the brochure is accompanied by details such as the required subjects for UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination), Direct Entry requirements, and the institutions offering the course. Pay attention to these details as they will guide you in making informed decisions about the courses you want to apply for.

Step 4: Checking Admission Requirements: The JAMB brochure PDF provides crucial information about the admission requirements for various courses. Make sure you carefully read and understand these requirements before making your choices. This will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes during the application process.

Step 5: Exploring Related Courses and Institutions: If you have a specific course in mind, the brochure can help you explore related courses and alternative institutions that offer them. This can be particularly useful if your preferred institution doesn’t offer the course you want.

Step 6: Taking Notes and Making Plans: As you go through the brochure, take notes on courses that interest you, their requirements, and the institutions offering them. This will help you stay organized and create a clear plan for your JAMB applications.

Course/Degree Awarding Institution

In this section, you’ll find a list of courses or programs of study that are available. Beneath each course, you will see the names of institutions that offer that specific program. These institutions could be universities, polytechnics, mono-technics, colleges of education, colleges of agriculture, or other specialized institutions. This information helps you understand which institutions provide the course you’re interested in.


This section is divided into two parts: one for UTME candidates, which includes the O’level result requirements, and another for DE candidates, which lists the Diploma result requirements. This division helps both UTME and DE candidates easily find the specific information they need for their respective application processes.

UTME Subjects

The third part of the JAMB brochure holds the subject combinations needed for candidates who have selected a particular course for the UTME exam. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this section might have varying details for each school. This information guides candidates on the specific subjects they should focus on to excel in their chosen course during the UTME examination.

Additional Information

The fourth section offers extra details that can differ among institutions. For instance, a specific school might consider Agricultural Science as a substitute for Biology. Some schools might not admit Direct Entry candidates. Such important information will be found in this fourth section to assist you in making well-informed choices.

We trust that this article has given you the essential insights into the JAMB Brochure for the 2024 academic year. Please feel free to download the brochure and utilize it as you get ready for your JAMB adventure.

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2024 UTME Brochure for Colleges of Education

Colleges of Education provide a wide range of courses tailored to cater to diverse educational interests. These institutions prepare future educators and professionals who are enthusiastic about contributing to the field of education. Here are some of the key courses you can expect to find in the JAMB Brochure for Colleges of Education:

Early Childhood Education

Primary Education Studies

Elementary Education

Special Education

English Education

Mathematics Education

Science Education (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Social Studies Education

Computer Science Education

Integrated Science Education

Physical and Health Education

Agricultural Science Education

Fine and Applied Arts Education

Business Education

Home Economics Education

These are just a selection of the many courses available in Colleges of Education. Each course is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective educators, specialists, and contributors to the education sector. The JAMB Brochure will provide further details about the specific courses, including subject combinations, entry requirements, and the institutions offering them.

List of Courses (Colleges of Education)

List of Schools (Colleges of Education)

This list encompasses a range of esteemed Colleges of Education across Nigeria. Whether you’re inclined towards educational studies, arts, sciences, or other disciplines, these schools cater to various interests.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in the JAMB List of Schools for Colleges of Education:

1. Educational Diversity: The list encompasses Colleges of Education offering a wide spectrum of courses. From teaching methodologies to artistic pursuits and scientific exploration, these schools cater to an array of educational passions.

2. Subject Combinations: Each school’s offerings are detailed with precise subject combinations. This ensures that prospective students are well-informed about the academic path they’re embarking on.

3. Entry Requirements: The list provides a rundown of the entry prerequisites for each school. This information empowers aspiring students to prepare adequately for the admission process.

4. Geographical Spread: From Northern Nigeria to the Southern region, the JAMB List of Schools spans the entire nation, making it easier for students to explore options that suit their preferences.

5. Institutional Insights: Along with course details, you’ll gain insights into the colleges themselves – their histories, visions, and educational environments.

List of Schools (Colleges of Education)

2024 UTME Brochure for Innovative Enterprise Institutes

List of courses in Innovative Enterprise Institutes

Here is an overview of the diverse range of courses commonly offered in Innovative Enterprise Institutes:

1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management: Learn the foundations of entrepreneurship, innovation strategies, and how to turn creative ideas into successful business ventures.

2. Business Strategy and Development: Explore techniques for formulating business strategies, identifying growth opportunities, and adapting to dynamic market conditions.

3. Digital Marketing and E-commerce Strategies: Delve into the world of online marketing, social media strategies, and the art of running successful e-commerce platforms.

4. Creativity and Innovation in Business: Cultivate your creative thinking skills and learn how to infuse innovation into all aspects of business operations.

5. Start-up Incubation and Acceleration: Discover the intricacies of nurturing and propelling start-up enterprises, including mentorship, funding, and growth strategies.

6. Project Planning and Execution: Master the art of project management, from initial planning to successful execution and delivery.

7. Technology and Business Innovation: Explore emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, and IoT, and understand their implications for business innovation.

8. Sustainable Business Practices: Study environmentally and socially responsible business models, and learn to integrate sustainability into business strategies.

9. Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing: Dive into the world of social innovation, where businesses are driven by a commitment to positive societal and environmental impact.

10. Financial Management for Entrepreneurs: Gain insights into financial planning, budgeting, funding options, and managing financial aspects of entrepreneurial ventures.

11. Leadership and Team Dynamics: Develop leadership skills and explore effective team management techniques to drive innovation and collaboration.

12 Marketing and Brand Management: Learn the art of crafting compelling marketing campaigns, building strong brands, and connecting with target audiences.

13. Supply Chain and Operations Management: Understand how to optimize supply chains, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency in business processes.

14. Innovation in Healthcare and Biotechnology: Explore innovative approaches to healthcare delivery, medical technology, and biotech advancements.

15. Intellectual Property and Innovation Law: Learn about patents, copyrights, trademarks, and legal considerations for protecting intellectual property in innovation-driven industries.

16. User Experience (UX) and Product Design: Delve into user-centred design principles to create products and services that provide exceptional user experiences.

17. Cybersecurity and Business Protection: Understand the importance of cybersecurity and data protection in today’s digital business landscape.

18. Environmental Sustainability and Entrepreneurship: Study ways to incorporate environmental sustainability into business strategies and innovative solutions.

19 Data Analytics for Business Innovation: Harness the power of data analytics to make informed business decisions and uncover valuable insights.

20. Global Business Ventures and Internationalization: Explore the intricacies of expanding businesses into global markets, navigating cultural nuances, and managing international operations.

List of courses in Innovative Enterprise Institutes

List of schools in Innovative Enterprise Institutes

2024 JAMB Brochure for Polytechnics

The 2024 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Brochure for Polytechnics is a comprehensive guide designed to help prospective students navigate the available courses and admission requirements offered by various polytechnics in Nigeria. This brochure serves as a valuable resource for individuals who are considering pursuing higher education at the polytechnic level.

Within the brochure, you’ll find a wide array of courses and programs offered by different polytechnics across the country. These courses span various fields of study, including engineering, technology, business, agriculture, and more. Each course listing typically includes information about the program’s duration, curriculum, and potential career paths for graduates.

Moreover, the brochure provides essential details regarding the admission requirements for each course. These requirements encompass prerequisites such as specific O’level subjects and grades, UTME subjects, and, in some cases, post-UTME screening. Aspiring students can use this information to ensure they meet the necessary criteria before applying to their desired polytechnic courses.

In addition to academic information, the brochure often contains insights into the general admission process, including guidelines on how to register for the UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) and how the selection process works for polytechnic admissions. This aids students in understanding the steps involved in their journey toward higher education.

In essence, the 2024 JAMB Brochure for Polytechnics serves as a roadmap for prospective students, enabling them to make informed decisions about their academic and career paths. It’s a tool that empowers students to explore the diverse educational opportunities offered by polytechnics while understanding the requirements needed to embark on their chosen educational journey.

List of Polytechnics in Nigeria

List of Courses in Polytechnics

UTME Brochure for Degree Awarding Institutions

If you’re considering higher education in Nigeria, this UTME brochure for degree-awarding institutions is here to help. It’s a handy resource that provides important details about various universities and colleges that offer degree programs.

Inside this brochure, you’ll find information about:

1. Courses and Programs: Discover the wide range of courses and programs offered by different institutions. Whether you’re interested in science, the arts, engineering, or business, there’s something for everyone.

2. Admission Requirements: Learn about the entry requirements for each course. This includes details about the subjects you need to have studied and the minimum grades required.

3. Campuses and Facilities: Get a glimpse of the campuses and facilities available at each institution. From libraries to laboratories, it’s important to know where you’ll be studying and learning.

4. Scholarships and Financial Aid: Find out about scholarships and financial assistance opportunities. Pursuing a degree is an investment, and it’s good to know about any support available.

5. Application Process: Understand how to apply to your chosen institution. Learn about deadlines, application forms, and any additional requirements.

6. Career Opportunities: Get an overview of the career prospects associated with different courses. Your education is a stepping stone to your future career, so it’s essential to make an informed choice.

8. Contact Information: Find the contact details for each institution. If you have questions or need more information, reaching out to them directly can be very helpful.

This UTME brochure is designed to make your decision-making process smoother. Remember, choosing the right university and course is an important step towards your academic and career success. Take your time to explore your options and make an informed choice.

List of Universities and other Degree-Awarding Institutions in Nigeria

Specific Entry requirements and other information for individual Universities

Faculty of Administration

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education: The Faculty of Education is committed to nurturing the educators and leaders of tomorrow. This faculty is devoted to the study and advancement of educational practices, theories, and methodologies. If you have a passion for teaching, learning, and shaping young minds, the programs within the Faculty of Education might be an excellent fit for you.Within the Faculty of Education, you’ll discover a range of degree programs tailored to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective teaching and educational leadership.

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is at the forefront of innovation, design, and problem-solving. If you have a fascination with how things work, a passion for technology, and a desire to create solutions that shape the world around us, then the programs within the Faculty of Engineering might be the perfect fit for your aspirations. Within the Faculty of Engineering, you’ll encounter a diverse range of programs designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle real-world challenges.

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is a gateway to understanding the intricacies of the legal system, advocating for justice, and shaping the legal landscape. If you possess a strong sense of justice, critical thinking skills, and a passion for upholding the rights and responsibilities of individuals and society, the programs within the Faculty of Law may align perfectly with your aspirations.

Within the Faculty of Law, you’ll find a range of programs designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the law, legal principles, and the art of effective advocacy.

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Medical/Pharmaceutical/Health Sciences

Faculty of Social/Management Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

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