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Curriculum content in Nigerian schools has been digitized and made available to students, teachers, and parents across the country. It contains every subject outlined in the Nigerian Secondary School Syllabus from JSS1 to SS3 in the daily sequential order in which they are taught in class, allowing students to peruse ahead. Additionally, the educational technology portal provides answers to previously administered entrance exams.

The majority of this platform’s members are educators, school administrators, parents, and students willing to contribute to educational development. By doing so, we hope to increase enrollment and reduce the current poor academic performance of students and the astronomical exam failure rates, while also working to improve Instructional Practice by training and empowering teachers for the competitive advantage of our nation’s workforce and its long-term development.

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School Arena exists to provide learners with a high-quality, accessible, flexible, and active online learning platform to foster the development of all Nigerian citizens to their full potential and help users become astute citizens of the world; aware of its history, beauty, and challenges, as well as their role in shaping it for the better.


  • Focus on the success of each pupil as an individual and adapt courses to their educational requirements. Partnerships with institutions in order to attain national educational objectives
  • To increase the percentage of Nigerian candidates who pass university entrance exams
  • Provide students with a 21st-century education that will make them competitive in the workforce or in their pursuit of postsecondary education after high school graduation.
  • To promote academic achievement, provide students with access to advanced and current courses that may not be offered at their school.


  • Student-centered
  • Quality e-learning platform
  • A flexible learning experience for users.
  • User-friendly and encourages critical thinking