2024 JAMB Syllabus For UTME Candidates

Jamb syllabus
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JAMB Syllabus for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a guide that outlines the topics and subjects that candidates should study in preparation for the exam. It provides a clear roadmap of what you need to cover to be well-prepared.

The syllabus covers the subjects that are included in the UTME, which typically include subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Government, Literature in English, and more. Each subject’s syllabus breaks down the main topics and subtopics that candidates are expected to understand.

It’s important for UTME candidates to use the syllabus as a study tool. By following the syllabus, you can make sure that you’re covering all the necessary topics and not missing out on anything important. This can help you feel more confident and prepared when you sit for the exam.

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UTME Syllabus for All JAMB Subjects

The UTME Syllabus for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is a guide that outlines the subjects, topics, and subtopics that candidates should study to prepare for the exam. This guide is crucial for candidates aiming to do well.

The subjects covered in the UTME include

Agriculture JAMB Syllabus

Art JAMB Syllabus

Arabic JAMB Syllabus

Biology JAMB Syllabus

Chemistry JAMB Syllabus

Computer Studies JAMB Syllabus

Commerce JAMB Syllabus

CRS JAMB Syllabus

Economics JAMB Syllabus

French JAMB Syllabus

Geography JAMB Syllabus

Government JAMB Syllabus

Hausa JAMB Syllabus

History JAMB Syllabus

Home Economics JAMB Syllabus

IGBO JAMB Syllabus

Islamic Studies JAMB Syllabus

Literature JAMB Syllabus

Mathematics JAMB Syllabus

Music JAMB Syllabus

Physical & Health Education (PHE) JAMB Syllabus

Physics JAMB Syllabus

Principles of Account JAMB Syllabus

Use of English JAMB Syllabus

Yoruba JAMB Syllabus

Objectives of JAMB Syllabus

Each syllabus is tailored to its specific subject, outlining the objectives, topics, contents, and recommended books to help you excel in your preparations.

Each subject syllabus is tailored to help you achieve the respective course objectives. For example, the Agriculture Syllabus aims to stimulate your interest in agriculture, while the Economics Syllabus focuses on developing your economic analysis skills.

Agriculture Syllabus

Stimulate and sustain your interest in Agriculture.

Acquire basic knowledge and practical skills in Agriculture.

Develop the ability to interpret and use data effectively.

Enhance your deductive skills using agricultural knowledge.

Art Syllabus

Exhibit knowledge of fundamental elements, principles, and terminology of art.

Demonstrate knowledge of historical dimensions of art, focusing on Egyptian and Nigerian art.

Display knowledge of artistic techniques, processes, materials, and equipment maintenance.

Show aesthetic sensitivity to the environment and understand the meaning and function of art in society.

Biology Syllabus

Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the interdependence and unity of life.

Understand the continuity of life through reorganization, inheritance, and evolution.

Apply biological principles and concepts to everyday life, including matters affecting individuals, society, the environment, community health, and the economy.

Chemistry Syllabus

Apply the basic principles of scientific methods in new situations.

Interpret scientific data and draw conclusions.

Understand the relationships between chemistry and other sciences.

Apply knowledge of chemistry to real-life situations, including industrial and everyday contexts.

Commerce Syllabus

Acquire a solid understanding of the basic concepts of commerce.

Explore the relationship between commerce and other related business subjects.

Apply the principles of commerce in the Nigerian context.

Appreciate and adapt to the modern, dynamic changes in commercial activities.

Government Syllabus

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the meaning and framework of government.

Analyze the structures and institutions of government.

Define the concept of citizenship and understand the duties and obligations of citizens.

Evaluate Nigeria’s political development and governance challenges.

Assess Nigeria’s role in the international community and its engagement with international organizations.

Mathematics Syllabus

Develop computational and manipulative skills in mathematics.

Cultivate logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Apply mathematical concepts to real-life issues and situations.

Acquire a solid foundation in mathematics for further studies and everyday living.

Literature Syllabus

Cultivate a deep appreciation and understanding of literature in English.

Analyze language, themes, and styles across different literary works and cultures.

Apply literary knowledge to interpret and analyze social, political, and economic events.

Stimulate critical thinking and interpretation skills through the study of literature.

Physics Syllabus

Foster and sustain your interest in physics.

Develop attitudes that promote accuracy, precision, and objectivity in the study of physics.

Interpret physical phenomena, laws, definitions, and concepts.

Demonstrate the ability to solve physics problems using relevant theories and concepts.

Principles of Account Syllabus

Stimulate and maintain your interest in Principles of Accounts.

Acquire a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills in accounting.

Apply accounting information interpretation to decision-making.

Understand the relevance of accounting in both business and government settings.

Utilize information and communication technology to tackle present and future challenges.

Use of English Syllabus

Enhance your communication skills in written and spoken English.

Establish a strong linguistic foundation for learning at the tertiary level.

Develop proficiency in reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and oral expression.

Geography Syllabus

Develop skills in handling and interpreting topographical maps, statistical data, diagrams, and basic field surveys.

Understand the physical and human environment, exploring how people live and earn a living on Earth’s surface, with a focus on Nigeria and Africa.

Grasp the interrelationship between humans and their environment.

Apply geographical concepts, skills, and principles to problem-solving.

Islamic Studies Syllabus

Master the Quran and Sunnah as the foundations of Islamic and social life.

Familiarize yourself with Islamic heritage, culture, and civilization.

Acquaint yourself with the tradition of Islamic scholarship and intellectual discourse.

Demonstrate knowledge of Islamic moral, spiritual, political, and social values.

Prepare yourself to face life’s challenges as a devout practising Muslim.

Music Syllabus

Appreciate and critically discuss music.

Identify the features of Western and African music history, including forms, media, and cultural influences, through written analysis.

Understand the influence of socio-cultural factors on the lives and music of musicians.

Yoruba Syllabus

Stimulate and maintain your interest in the Yoruba language, literature, and culture.

Acquire a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in the Yoruba language, literature, and both material and non-material aspects of Yoruba culture.

Each subject in the JAMB syllabus has specific objectives designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in the respective field of study. By following the syllabus, you can systematically cover the necessary topics, acquire the required knowledge, and apply it effectively in the examination.

Remember to allocate sufficient time to each subject, practice regularly, and consult additional resources such as textbooks and study guides. Engage actively with the syllabus, seek clarification when needed, and take advantage of available learning opportunities.

With dedication, thorough preparation, and a solid grasp of the syllabus, you’ll be well-prepared to excel in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and pave the way for your academic and career aspirations.

The JAMB Syllabus is your secret weapon for success in the UTME. It’s time to embrace it and make the most of this valuable resource. Best of luck on your journey to academic excellence!

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